i. NIST Latex Collection

Wearable rubber of untouchable art.” – Designs based on the Abstract Expressionist movement.

The paintings of Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner are so tactile in nature, so organic in their process, that it’s a crime that they can’t be touched. So I set out to make a line based on close-ups I shot of select works that would then be inherently touchable. Fashion, after all, is meant to be worn and felt and experienced.

Why latex & rubber? Because it is the anti-thesis of the untouchable. It conforms to the wearer like a second skin, so close that it transmits body heat within a minute of being adorned. It is hot where paint is cold, it is alive where paintings hung on a wall are dead. And while my mission is not to deride fine art, or put myself on the same level as acclaimed artists, I do think that this is a perfect example of how craft can be more meaningful than art. Because this craft of apparel, the nuance of fashion, needs humanity to fill it out. It needs the body to truly exist.